Category: Gemstone Guide


Green: color of healing and hope. Excellent for attracting abundance and wealth. Stone of opportunity. It heals the heart.

Green Garnet

This stone will help attract new friends, who are attracted to you for who you truly are. Stimulates devotion to family, friends, yourself and your goals.

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye gift to you is patience, focus, slow deliberate actions. If you need changes in life, this is the stone for you.

Brown Agate

Stone of balance. Agates foster love, abundance, good luck. A power stone. solid, stable with healing energy. Stimulates us to tap into our inner strength


Stone of wisdom. Associated with Vitality/energy, learning, communication, growth and abundance. An energy stone.

Moss Agate

A multi-shade of green that resembles moss or trees. Moss agate is the most powerful of the agates. They balance emotional energy. It helps the user let go of anger, brings health, friends, and...


Stone of truth and friendship. Brings clear opinions. Shelters wearer from physical danger. Gives us psychic ability.


For courage and self-discipline, self-worth. Bring optimism, joy in your life and soothes relationships.


Helps sort out things for a “mental tune up.” Helps memory, original thinking, support for hopes, dreams. Calming stone that encourages you to reach for the sun.


The stone of concentration. Enables you to see situations as they are. Helps to stop anger by seeing things clearly.